About My Practice


‘Gestalt’ means ‘whole’. In my practice  this translates to us working with the whole of you as a person, including your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and imagination as well as to the possibility of exploring different contexts of your life (your past and current relationships and events in your life  as well as its wider socio-cultural and spiritual contexts). 

I provide a non-judgemental, empathetic and safe space in which you are supported to talk about your experience. I believe in your capacity to use your natural inner strength in service of living a fulfilling life and I support you to trust and build on this capacity. 

I believe that via supporting you to raise your awareness and honour what happens for you in the here-and-now, change can happen in your life. With this in mind, I will invite you to become curious about your experience ‘right now’. We might experiment with some new behaviours and ways of being. I may gently challenge you to notice your habitual patterns and in doing so I will bear in mind your preferences, personality, and learning style. 

We can safely explore your feelings and relational patterns in our therapeutic relationship, and you may find them to be connected with how you feel with others in the 'real' world out there. 

I may interweave breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, as well as exercises involving gentle movement into our counselling sessions.